Cooperation Between Giants: Shanghai SEMCORP Signs Annual Delivery Guarantee Framework Agreement with CALB

  • 2022-12-02


On Dec. 1, SEMCORP announced that its majority-owned subsidiary Shanghai SEMCORP New Materials and Technologies Co., Ltd.(hereinafter simplified as “Shanghai SEMCORP”)signed 2023 Annual Delivery Guarantee Framework Agreement with CALB Co., Ltd.(hereinafter simplified as CALB)


The contract noted that based on stable long-term cooperation between the two parties and to ensure CALB’s demand for high-level wet lithium-ion battery separator, CALB will preferentially purchase most of separator products from Shanghai SEMCORP under equal conditions and specific purchases will be subject to orders. Shanghai SEMCORP needs to prepare its production capacity according to CALB’s product demand and guarantee supply according to CALB’s delivery needs and orders. The agreement takes into effect on the date of signing between two parties and is ended on November 31, 2023.


As a world leader in new energy technologies, CALB is dedicated to be an energy value creator, building an all-dimensional energy operation system, and providing complete product solutions and full life cycle management for the new energy all-scenario application market represented by cars, ships and storage. At present, CALB has established multiple production bases, formed production clusters in the Yangtze Delta, Southwest and Central China, and the Greater Bay Area, achieved all-round domestic industrial layout, and has begun overseas scouting at the same time.


Shanghai SEMCORP is a flagship subsidiary under the SEMCORP new energy system and is mainly focused on wet base diaphragm and functional coating diaphragm, which has been extensively applied to sectors such as EV and 3C electronics. Subsidiaries under Shanghai SEMCORP applies internationally advanced equipment and technologies, operates production bases around the world and serves lithium-ion battery giants including CATL, BYD, LG, SAMSUNG, Panasonic, etc.

This cooperation with CALB is intended at synergizing both parties’ advantages and resources and giving full play to innovation as an edge that can improve the company’s core competitiveness, profitability and leadership in the new energy lithium-ion battery separator industry.