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  • Cigarette film

    It is widely applied in the outer packaging of small packs and cartons of various cigarette products, with excellent optical feature, mechanical feature, wearproof feature and barrier feature for body-fitted protection of cigarettes and improvement of the visual effect of products, blocking the loss of cigarette aroma and extending the shelf-life of products.

    • Ordinary film with ashrinkage rate lower than 5.0%

    • Micro and medium shrinkable film with shrinkage rate of 3.0%-7.5%

    • Shrinkable film with shrinkage rate higher than 6.0%

    • Requirements can be customized

  • Flat film

    It is widely applied in food packaging, adhesive tape substrate, printing, etc. to enhance the packaging of products.

  • Special film

    Special BOPP film of different types, different properties and of wide applications, for example: laser base film, crystal film, transfer base film, matt film anti-bacterial film, as well as customized packaging film (laser film, printing film, manual film)can greatly enhance the added value of products.

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