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  • Laser transfer paper

    Also known as laser holographic transfer paper, laser holographic anti-counterfeit positioning laser molding technology is an emerging high-tech pressing technology in recent years; Laser transfer paper decoration effect is good, in the natural environment is not easy to be oxidized, and can be easily oxidized in natural environment, thus producing no pollution to the environment. It can be widely used in outer packaging of various items including cigarettes, wine, clothing, toys, and gifts.

    • Free choice of anti-counterfeit methods

    • A complete range of printing equipment

    • Full coverage of paper packaging

  • Electrochemical aluminum foil

    Electrochemical aluminum foil is hot stamping material produced by coating the film with detachment layer and imaging layer, laser-molding pattern, vacuum aluminum plating and then the adhesive layer coating, and finally by finished product rewinding.

    Electrochemical aluminum foil can substitute for metal foil, featuring gold and silver in color. Characterized by colorful and beautiful appearance, dazzling glitter, convenient application, etc., it is suitable for hot stamping on materials such as paper, plastic, leather, textiles, and coated materials, and boasts anti-counterfeit function. 

    • Multiple ways of anti-counterfeit

    • Seamless imposition, precise positioning, and can not be counterfeited or duplicated

    • Independent development and design, no worry of property rights

    • Applicable to different gold-stamping machinery

    • Wide application

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