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Investing in technology is investing in the future

With market and technology as the orientation, we are committed to the development and industrialization of separators through application of cutting-edge technologies.

Accelerate innovation in the lithium-ion battery separator industry

With complete professional teams well established in aspects of system construction, quality control, market expansion and equipment design, installation & maintenance, our company has achieved fruitful results in the respective professional fields of each team. In joint hands, we are developing the company toward a leading enterprise with international competitiveness in the lithium-ion battery separator industry.



SEMCORP has successfully developed new products including 4μm ultrathin base film, high temperature-resisting functional coating film, adhesive functional coating film, microporous self-closing high-security film, half-solid coating film, etc., making it the first enterprise in the world to realize integrated technology of base film and coating. 

  • 500
    R & D Team Members
  • 105
    Investment in R & D
  • 10
    Research Institutes
  • 30
    Enterprise Cooperation

Research Centers

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    Research Institute of Basic Materials
  • 2.svg
    Research Institute of Separator & Basal Membrane
  • 3.svg
    Research Institute of Separator Inorganic Coating
  • 4.svg
    Research Institute of Separator Organic Coating
  • 5.svg
    Research Institute of Recycling and Energy-saving Technology
  • 6.svg
    Analysis & Testing Center
  • 7.svg
    Research Institute of Aluminum Plastic Composite Film
  • 8.svg
    Research Institute of Water-treatment Film
  • 9.svg
    Research Institute of PI Film Technology
  • 10.svg
    Research Institute of New Battery Material Technology

Recognition from the industry

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    Champion (product) in an Individual Field of the National Manufacturing Industry

    National Enterprise Technology Center

    Shanghai High-performance Lithium Battery Separator Engineering Technology Research Center

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    CNAS Laboratory Accreditation Certificate

    National Technologically Advanced "Little Giant" Enterprise 

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    A total number of 520 authorized patents by December 31, 2022

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Industry-University-Research Cooperation

  • University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

  • University of Macau

  • Donghua University

  • Nanjing Tech University